Friday, November 16, 2012

Meeting George:

When these two boys finished school they went to the schools rugby field. Jeff and Josh realized that a old man kept coming to their practice and watched their every move.

They walked to the stand where the man was sitting and asked him “why are you always watching us?” the man says “I use to be a professional rugby player”  the two boys said “ what is your name?” the old man says “my name is George Nepia”.

George Nepia came down onto the field and says what skills do you know? ohhh we know kicks and passes and many more. George says, here this is the right way to kick the ball and how to pass properly. The two boys then said “we got to go were finished thanks for the help” “no worries".

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Swimming Topic.

Yesturday morning some of room 19 students went swimming while the rest of the class was doing a swimming sheet on how to be protected in the water if you swam out 10 metres and couldn't swim back otherwise you might die.

While we were sitting down Mr Harris said "get a partner to work with" then I choose Zion, we got a piece of paper and then we had to write down some answers to some questions like
What safety device is the person in this poster wearing?
How do you think he ended up in the water?
what do you think the answers are.

Do you like swimming? well I think its all right and its important to know what to do if you were in trouble like on a boat and many more.

Manaiakalani Movies

Yesterday afternoon we went to the movies to watch the Maniakalani Film Festival, at first we were waiting to arrive at Sylvia Park. We were escorted into our seats and then while we were waiting for the movies to start we were talking.

The lights went down and then Mr Dunn went on stage and then he asked the schools are you here, once he said "is Ptengland school here" and all of Ptengland school stood up and shouted. It was really loud.

When we watched most the movies they were enjoyable, I really had a good experience on watching them because some of those movies were about responsibility.

The movie I really enjoyed was room 18's movie because it was fun while they were taking the test, well done room 18 I loved the movie you guys created.

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Favourite Toy Narritive.

Once upon a time there was a group and they named themselves the teletubbies. The teletubbies always liked to go on different adventures every single day, they went to something they shouldn’t of......

They had names that sounded so cute but thats when kids are young not like now,
there was Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po. Also after all these years the theme song has been somewhere in my head, it goes teletubbies   Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po.

This whole story took place in lala land which had lots and lots of candy,
they went on a journey and on that journey they went looking for something and on there way they found candy and all four of them ate nearly all of it and they got what we call it sugar rush.

A magician came out of no where and asked the teletubbies if they knew where a circus creative show was being performed and they replyed “ yes” so the magician said “ here is four tickets and so they went and when they went they got front seats and then they called up to the stage and when they were hypnotized they turned into evil teletubbies.

That problem was solved when their parents came to visit and then snapped them back to normal because their dad knew everything because he loved magic.

The story ends when mom makes he famous cookies and chocolate milk for everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lightning Horror!!!

Do you like lightning? well I dont and I bet no one else does as well.
Lightning can be freaky even for adults because when my sister and my self were sitting at home and then my dad left to go and get dinner and while he was gone we were watching tv and then lightning hit and scared us like we were having a nightmare but it wasn’t that bad.

Then the power goes out for a little bit but then only the light comes back on, but the TV didn't and then the phone rings and then the tv comes on. then my sister feels scared and then  my sister suddenly answers the phone and its my nana calling to see if we were alright, after we hear a knock at the door. I walk up to the door hearing something go into the lock and then when it opens I ran and hid under the blanket, you wouldn’t guess who it was, it was my DAD!.

After all this and how we were both scared, we all relaxed in the lounge eating dinner and then we had hot cocoa and went to sleep, watching movies.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stomach Churning............

One lovely afternoon it was my nephew's birthday, and he badly wanted to ride a roller coaster. So when we got there he ran to the roller coaster,
my sister shouts out get back here we're going to go on the little rides for the little kids because they wanted to go on a ride but before we could get on the rides we needed tickets.

When we got the tickets we took my niece and my other nephew on some rides and then me and Jackson  were waiting and then when they came out we went running to the awesome rides. While we were waiting he couldn’t be patient and then he started to yell and then my sister had to shout out “wait”, then he did.
Finally we were aloud on and then we got to go on the ride and while we were starting, it goes really fast and exciting. Then all I saw was everything spinning around and then I vomited. Jackson said “can we go on again” but I didn’t feel like it because I didn’t want to feel sick.

But by the end of the night we were feeling tired and sick and also exhausted.

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Olympic Story!!!!

My Olympic Story!!!!
When we had a game of touch yesterday a group of us were versing another team and then there was an accident. Man we were all having a wonderful time with eachother and then when it came to one of the sport events we went to play touch. When we split our teams into groups our first team went on and it was all the good people until we were told don't put all your good players in just one team because thats just not right.Then when we started to play this girl comes running past us screaming like she was being chased and then when the opposite team tripped her over by accident, she went rolling down the hill.

Thank You Emilee.